Event technology

At KOMED we use our own high-quality sound, lighting and projection technology. This has been designed to provide a perfect match to our event spaces and is always set up in accordance with your requirements. We can also provide you with video and sound recording as well as live streaming.

Under the supervision of an experienced media engineer, qualified technical personnel who know the building and equipment inside out provide all the technical support. During the event organisation phase, we would be happy to arrange for you to have a preliminary discussion with our technical manager.

Please bear in mind that the use of your own technical equipment in our rooms is only permissible with our consent and after consultation with our technical manager. An exception applies to seminars and workshops in the smaller rooms where you can also use your own mobile projector.

Stages and podiums

To meet your requirements, we equip our larger event spaces and foyers with stages and elevated podiums. The Bütec scissor-foot-platform elements we use measure 1×2 m. Stage dimensions and heights are variable. In the KOMED Saal the maximum stage size is 8×4 m.

The platforms used in the KOMED Saal and foyer come with parquet flooring to match the hall floor; those in the MediaPark 6 building are coated in blue plastic.

Needless to say, they all come with steps and a wheelchair ramp for barrier-free access.